Kid’s programs

Adom Adventure Zone has various category of programs. Our programs includes: Reading programs, Maths programs, Bake  With  Me programs, Art & Craft programs, & Fashion programs.

Reading programs

Learn to read (3-7years)- two sessions in a week for 16 weeks. Learn to read aloud (4-10years) – two sessions in a week for 8 weeks.
Learn to read to perfection (8-14years) – two sessions in a week for 6 weeks. Adult reading to kids (Time with Auntie/Uncle…)- Second Saturday of the month -10:30am -11:30am….. Baby and me reading and playtime with parents (6 months-2 years)-an hour weekdays ▪ Kids read to other children- Weekdays – 30 minutes between (3-6pm)-by appointment ▪ Read alone to an adult- Weekday – 30 minutes between (3-6pm)-by appointment ▪ Read to Paws and Carrot – Weekday – 30 minutes between (3-6pm)-by appointment


Bake with me program: Bake with me junior and senior is designed to ignite creativity in children and encourage them to explore new endeavours. Children will learn to work in a team on different recipes. They will learn basic math skills in measuring ingredients in their right proportions. Ultimately, they will have fun creating yummy delicacies they can enjoy and share with family. The baking session takes place for an hour each week over 4 weeks. Parents can sign children up for either the Cookie edition, Muffin edition, Cake edition amongst many others.

Parent Survival night (Movie/Karaoke night)

Parent Survival night is designed to provide a safe space for children to have fun watching movies and participating in Karaoke sessions whilst parents take sometime to pamper themselves. This takes place on the first Friday of each month from 6pm to 8pm.


Art and Craft programs: We offer different programs in Art and Craft such as Time with Picasso, craft making, painting, learning to draw amongst others. Children explore their creative skills in different types of art and craft. This takes an hour each week for 4 weeks.)


The fashion program seeks to introduce children in basic concepts of designing and sewing. Children will learn to sew different fashionable items such as scrunches, bags, purses, clothing etc. and carry out alterations. This takes place for an hour and a half each week for 4 weeks.

Fun with Engineering

 Children will be introduced to the different types of engineering and engineering projects. Children will develop teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving and negotiation skills. This takes place once an hour each week for 6 weeks.

Vacation Camp

Vacation summer camp and Vacation bible school takes place during the long vacation from July to September. Parents can sign their children up for different weeks for either Summer Camp or Vacation bible school. Children learn through fun activities with different themes for each week. Vacation camp starts at 7:30am and ends at 3pm. Lunch and snacks are included in the package.


This program will expose children to different experiments in different field especially science experiments. Experiments will be carried out with non toxic materials in a safe environment. Children will learn to appreciate science and other natural phenomena.

Maths programs

 Mathematical concepts will be introduced to children in a simplified and practical way. Children will learn to apply mathematics in the daily lives. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, telling the time, counting money amongst others will in taught under different programs. This will take place twice a week for 6 weeks for each session.


Birthday party themes

• Princess Tea party • Superheroes • Ahoy Mateys! • Water splash • Party on Wheels

Party Details

Parents/Guardians have to select a package and theme for the party. Golden package: This includes a happy meal, drink, party bag, cookies, birthday cake, popcorn, face painting, decorations, three party games and a customized backdrop for photos. Silver Package: This includes a happy meal, drink, party bag, birthday cake, decorations, two party games and a backdrop for photos. Bronze Package: This covers a happy meal, drink, party bag, birthday cake, one party game and decorations.

Weekend party

Saturdays- 2hours (Pay for extra hour if needed) 11am-1pm 3pm-5pm

Brightening the Future, Party like Gatsby.

Weekday party (On request)

Maximum 2 hours- 4-6pm


• Funfairs will be organised every quarter. This can also be done upon request from organisations/schools. • Tickets will be sold in advance.

Movie Night for kids

Kids will have fun watching movies with drinks and popcorn in their pyjamas.

Kid’s Summer camp (Long vacation

10am -2pm)

Building Future Leaders For Tomorrow

Building Future Leaders through well-designed programs is a strategic approach that organizations can adopt to identify, nurture, and empower individuals with leadership potential. These programs play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of leaders,

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